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Rebalance & rewire



Our intention at The Balancing Center is to help establish harmony within the body and promote its self-healing mechanisms.


Certified craniosacral therapist

now offering free consultations
for birth doula services 

ABOUT jaime

I am passionate in alternative therapy, and finding new ways to treat the body. I want to be a resource for those looking for a higher quality of life and to approach their health in a proactive way. My goal is to help create body awareness through intentional touch and facilitate the body's healing processes. 


I am a licensed massage therapist and graduate of Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage with seven years of hands-on experience. I'm a certified Craniosacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute and have completed four levels of training since 2019. I also trained in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage at the Sunshine School of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This year I trained as a birth doula and am working on my DONA certification.


Additional modalities I practice include Craniosacral therapy/ Somato-emotional release, Prenatal and Post-partum work **now with special pregnancy pillow so pregnant clients can lay prone (face down!) And Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. My bodywork style is treatment focused and client specific.

My work has been described as dynamic and detail-oriented. 

[Craniosacral therapy is a light touch, non-invasive approach that works with the natural self-correcting mechanisms in the body to and pinpoint and address problem sources. It is a whole-body approach focused on treating the person, not the symptom. This gentle modality is appropriate for people in all walks of life. SomatoEmotional release includes the use of therapeutic imagery and dialogue to create a mind/body connection and promote deeper release and resolution.]




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A 40$ fee will be enforced for no shows or

late notice cancellations

Please give 24-48 hours notice for non-urgent cancellations

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